May 4, 2016

Lessons Learned as a Family Court Practitioner in South Carolina

         I start almost every divorce consult the exact same way. I spend the first 30 minutes listening to heartbreak, disappointment, anger, fear, concern over money and bad parenting. After telling me about themselves, and the bad marriage they find themselves in, every potential client tells me the EXACT SAME THING . . . they want an “EASY” divorce. An EASY divorce? There is no such thing. By the time you are sitting in my office . . . the die has been cast. Divorce is the end of a relationship. Most relationships end badly. The end of a marriage . . . how could that not end badly? Presumably, you are parting ways with your best friend. Your most trusted confidant. The person you committed to building a life with, of rearing children with, and with whom you promised “for better or for worse” . . . “til death do us part”. Anything that causes a rift between two people . . . be it adultery, or money problems, or drug use, or simple disinterest . . . is ALWAYS going to result in a messy, difficult process. It is in these moments that we find […]